Rules for drones, RC planes and other UAVs

There have been some unprecedented changes in legalities as far as RC planes, drones, and UAVs are concerned. There are a lot of local governments in the US which have proposed laws to try and get a grip on the whole RC flying activity. Some of the most far-reaching efforts which affected RC pilots were on a national stage by the FAA and Congress. A lot of these debates are still unanswered.

The current rules for drones are very fluid. Not only is there a risk of more regulations being added on, the provisions which were secured earlier for this community are now uncertain once more. Depending on how all of this plays out, the impacts on aero modeling make go from marginal all the way to crippling.

RC flying has been around for decades without any talk about rules for drones from the FAA or any other lawmakers. Most of the flyers back then were part of clubs which made sure they were in safe flying locations, had common-sense rules, and offered guidance to beginners. It was a system which worked well to make sure nothing bad happened.

Most RC flyers today know the threat that is posed by a bunch of rogue and irresponsible drone pilots out there. There is no better way to deal with this than by making sure all the egregious offenders are dealt with decisively and quickly while the rest are provided with proper guidance from professionals. But, with rules for drones changing so quickly, you need to make sure that you are aware of any changes so that you don’t end up breaking any rules. As long as you play within the set rules, you have nothing to worry about. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away with RC flying.

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