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In recent news, pilots from across the country took out their model RC planes in the model aerodrome for the 8th Annual Haverstraw Air Show.

The pilots, who had been controlling the aircraft remotely from the ground, flew jets, WW1, and WW2 propeller models in the air as large crowds watched in excitement.

Bruce Leach, the president of the Radio Control Club in Hudson Valley who were also hosting this spectacular event along with the Town of Haverstraw, said that the planes on display had as much as 17 hp engines, and wingspans which ranged all the way from three feet to twelve feet wide which is around 42% the actual size of airplanes.

Even though the aircraft can be remotely controlled, Leach was very clear about the fact that they aren’t the same thing as drones. He said that they were showing the public what they do, where they do it, and how they do it. He said it was happening right in front of their eyes, not 2 miles away which is why it was not the same as flying drones.

The event also had a flight simulator which let amateurs virtually control the plane using a computer screen. Once the simulator was completed, amateur pilots could also get a go at the Buddy Box which was essentially a box full of education for radio control pilots.

Leach had said that the club, as well as the event, was a multi-generational one. He added that it attracted a very wide age group of people from ten-year-old kids all the way to eighty-year-olds.

But, don’t think this is the only news that makes Haverstraw worth visiting. There are model planes taking off here on a daily basis. So even if you missed the show, give the airfield a visit if you’re ever in town.

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