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Model Aeronautics association of Canada

The radio controlled plane has quite a large fan following around the world and is only growing more by the day. Nowadays, there are many enthusiasts of model aeronautics out there but here, we’re going to be talking to the ones who are still considering whether it’s worth taking it up as a hobby. The fact of the matter is that most people who are interested in model aeronautics don’t even realize that RC stands for radio controlled and not remote controlled.

It takes quite a bit of effort for people to learn how to fly an airplane irrespective of whether it is real or a model. It is going to take a lot of time and training before people will be able to fly RC planes properly. The best way of learning is with a flight simulator on your computer. If you’ve already bought an RC plane then you could buy some software which lets you hook it up to your PC using a transmitter. Virtual flying will allow you to learn the controls while in the field without having to worry about crashing your expensive RC plane. Good simulators are quite realistic and can help you go from beginner to intermediate in a flash while also developing the necessary techniques to continuously improve. You will be able to find a lot of information on RC flight simulators and flying lessons online.

One other way of improving your skills is by joining an RC flying club. Most of the clubs also have designated instructors and offer planes that you can use before you buy one for yourself. Instructors can help you learn to fly RC helicopters too if you’d prefer that. There’s just no substitute for training with an expert. Keep it up and you will eventually become good at it. That’s a guarantee.

British Columbia RC Airplane Clubs and Flying Fields

RC model airplanes offer a ton of opportunities for flying that you will cherish for the rest of your life. But, if you want to keep it fun, you will need to keep a few safety tips in mind.

The first and most important is to always visit a flying field when you want to fly. This is important as you aren’t going to get enough space or the necessary guidance while trying to fly on your own.

Next, make sure your radio is tuned to a unique frequency so that it doesn’t get mixed up with someone else. If you are on the same radio channel as someone else, you may just end up knocking their plane out of the sky while putting others in danger along the way.

Make sure you have enough fuel in your RC plane. If your plane runs on gas, make sure you have a full tank. If it is electric, ensure the batteries have been charged fully. You wouldn’t want it to fall out of the sky because the fuel finished, right?

You will also need to make sure you have pre-flighted your plane the right way. Check the internal mechanics and control surfaces of the plane before flying. You may not have any trouble taking off, but you may just cause some serious damage if you aren’t prepped before landing.

Lastly, always read the rules of the flying field before you start flying. The most important rules to read are the emergency procedures. If you aren’t flying in a field, make sure you are in an area where it is legal to fly and that you’ve got sufficient room.

Finally, if you are new to RC planes, it is recommended that you get some practice on a flight simulator before trying the real thing on flying fields. RC planes are expensive and you wouldn’t want to damage it on your first go now, would you?

Online airplane games – mention for example casino sites with online plane games

If you don’t get too many opportunities to go outside and enjoy your RC plane then why not consider some online plane games instead? Add to this the excitement of playing online slots and you surely have a winner, wouldn’t you say?

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Learn how to play slots

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Model Airplane News

In recent news, pilots from across the country took out their model RC planes in the model aerodrome for the 8th Annual Haverstraw Air Show.

The pilots, who had been controlling the aircraft remotely from the ground, flew jets, WW1, and WW2 propeller models in the air as large crowds watched in excitement.

Bruce Leach, the president of the Radio Control Club in Hudson Valley who were also hosting this spectacular event along with the Town of Haverstraw, said that the planes on display had as much as 17 hp engines, and wingspans which ranged all the way from three feet to twelve feet wide which is around 42% the actual size of airplanes.

Even though the aircraft can be remotely controlled, Leach was very clear about the fact that they aren’t the same thing as drones. He said that they were showing the public what they do, where they do it, and how they do it. He said it was happening right in front of their eyes, not 2 miles away which is why it was not the same as flying drones.

The event also had a flight simulator which let amateurs virtually control the plane using a computer screen. Once the simulator was completed, amateur pilots could also get a go at the Buddy Box which was essentially a box full of education for radio control pilots.

Leach had said that the club, as well as the event, was a multi-generational one. He added that it attracted a very wide age group of people from ten-year-old kids all the way to eighty-year-olds.

But, don’t think this is the only news that makes Haverstraw worth visiting. There are model planes taking off here on a daily basis. So even if you missed the show, give the airfield a visit if you’re ever in town.

Canadian hobby stores online

Flying model planes is a great hobby for you to indulge in. But, at times, it may not be as much fun, especially when the weather isn’t good. So, you should consider getting RC models which can be flown indoors instead. There are flying clubs which have aerodromes too where members can fly their planes without any trouble. But, when it comes to buying these airplanes, you should only consider Canadian hobby stores online.

Even when shopping at Canadian hobby stores online, there are a few factors for you to keep in mind so that you make sure you choose the right plane.

The first thing you need to know is which models to choose. There are a few planes which you can fly indoors. Even park flyers can be flown indoors. But these are just some small and docile models which you can consider flying within gyms, aerodromes, and dance halls. Glider planes or rubber-powered planes are quite common when it comes to indoor flying. Most of them come as kits which have to be assembled. These models are pretty fragile and lack any form of propulsion. You will not be able to control them either.

Most indoor models are powered using rubber bands. Of course, there are electric ones too. Some models you could consider are the Fokker trip-plane and piper club.

The scale is another very important thing which you need to consider. This will help you determine how easy flying these planes will be and just how much fun you will be able to have. The peanut scale is the most popular one out there with a wingspan of a little over a foot.

If you do choose to go with the electric planes, remember that you will have to spend a little more. They have electric engines and radio devices for control.

Rules for drones, RC planes and other UAVs

There have been some unprecedented changes in legalities as far as RC planes, drones, and UAVs are concerned. There are a lot of local governments in the US which have proposed laws to try and get a grip on the whole RC flying activity. Some of the most far-reaching efforts which affected RC pilots were on a national stage by the FAA and Congress. A lot of these debates are still unanswered.

The current rules for drones are very fluid. Not only is there a risk of more regulations being added on, the provisions which were secured earlier for this community are now uncertain once more. Depending on how all of this plays out, the impacts on aero modeling make go from marginal all the way to crippling.

RC flying has been around for decades without any talk about rules for drones from the FAA or any other lawmakers. Most of the flyers back then were part of clubs which made sure they were in safe flying locations, had common-sense rules, and offered guidance to beginners. It was a system which worked well to make sure nothing bad happened.

Most RC flyers today know the threat that is posed by a bunch of rogue and irresponsible drone pilots out there. There is no better way to deal with this than by making sure all the egregious offenders are dealt with decisively and quickly while the rest are provided with proper guidance from professionals. But, with rules for drones changing so quickly, you need to make sure that you are aware of any changes so that you don’t end up breaking any rules. As long as you play within the set rules, you have nothing to worry about. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away with RC flying.

Top Canadian stores for RC planes

So now that you’ve decided to buy an RC plane from one of the top Canadian stores, it’s time you take a look at a few of the things which you need to consider before making the final decision.

Firstly, what is a good RC aircraft for a beginner? There is no definite answer to this question. But, there are a few things which you absolutely cannot forget.

Always choose a plane that has a design which allows for it to be stable when flying. It also needs to fly slowly so that you have enough time to react in-case anything goes wrong.

The plane needs to have easy and straightforward controls. It should be durable and sturdy so if you crash it accidentally, it can take the damage and fly once again.

Another choice which you need to make is whether you want to get an assembled plane or one that you have to build yourself. Most people starting out would want to start flying right away which means they should go for the assembled one.

The pre-assembled planes offer the kind of instant gratification which all beginners crave. They make it convenient and easy for you to start flying. You can even get models where you don’t even need to attach wings on your own. You can start flying right out of the box.

One other thing which you need to decide is the channel your RC plane will be flying on. An RC plane with 3 channels means you will be able to control the elevator, motor, and rudder. If you go for a plane with 4 channels, you will also be able to control the ailerons.

Three channel plane is much easier to learn with but with a four channel plane, you will have much more fun once you’ve understood how powered flight works.

Flying your drone safely and legally

Everybody is in love with drones nowadays. Flying robots which you can control using a controller? This is the best recipe for fun we’ve ever come across. They are all designed like quadcopters and some even have cameras. They look absolutely amazing and offer some powerful functionality to the users. But, if you are thinking of flying one of them, you need to follow all the rules and guidelines in place otherwise you may end up hurting someone. Also, there are a few legal implications which you need to keep in mind when flying drones. You wouldn’t want to get arrested just because you wanted to have a little fun, right?

Here are a few things for you to keep in mind if you want to enjoy this pastime safely and legally:

  • Never take your flying machine more than 400 feet above the ground. It may get difficult to control above that height.
  • It needs to be within your field of vision at all times.
  • Drones aren’t allowed to interfere with any activities of manned aircraft so make sure your drone doesn’t get in the way of any aerial vehicles.
  • If you don’t think you’ll be able to follow your drone wherever it goes, make sure you have someone who can keep an eye on it.
  • Try finding open spaces where you can enjoy this pastime without having to worry about obstacles or buildings.
  • Avoid trying to fly drones when influenced by drugs or intoxicated.

Drones aren’t easy to fly for beginners, especially if they have no experience flying such machines in the past. So make sure you learn about them enough and can fly them properly before you start getting adventurous. Drones can be a lot of fun but they can also be dangerous. So be careful when flying them.